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Meeting Sasha Stone

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I am a visual buffet that will light up all your senses, I stand 5'6 with a youthfully heart shaped face and doll like features. My hourglass figure will draw you and my candid wit will entertain you as you spend time in my company. 

Meeting Sasha Stone

 I appreciate how hard you work and want to spoil you in our short time together, I will help you unwind then reenergize you for you daily life. So treat yourself for all your efforts, let me be your personal oasis away from the daily grind.

Located in Beltline Sw Area  ♡  403-464-4603                                                                                                                                                             Copyright © Sasha Stone. All rights reserved.

"Happiness is like jam. You can't spread even a little without getting some on yourself."


Sasha Xo